protection rapprochée - deux agents sont sur le toit d'un immeuble et surveillent les alentours avec des jumelles. Ils sont prêts à intervenir en cas de danger.

Premium Security, your strategic partner

First of all, we guide you in the global apprehension of your problems in Security / Safety and we think with you, upstream and downstream in order to optimise the implementation.

Our Close Protection Agents ensure above all the protection of people in need of security, individually or in groups, during their professional or private trips, in strict compliance with the deontological rules and legal operations in force in their region.

In particular, they protect people in their movements according to the sensitivity of the places they visit and frequent.

In de-escalation situations, they are also able to identify and analyse problems and provide appropriate solutions.

If necessary, they are always prepared to apply physical intervention techniques and emergency procedures to remove people from the danger zone.

Agent de sécurité dans un supermarché

Our missions

Close protection in 3 words


Our close protection agent goes to all the places you are supposed to go. He or she makes an analysis of the risks, threats and difficulties encountered in the place or on the way.


After assessing the risks , we put in place human, technical and material resources for your protection.


Consequently, our Premium Security close protection agents adapt to your needs with discretion and provide you with personalised solutions in compliance with the law.

Our vision

Becoming your trusted partner

Premium Security offers you adapted and coherent solutions.

To achieve this, our agents are selected, trained and reflect the image of our company through their professionalism, in particular by using high-performance work tools.